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Welcome to speech and voice services designed for your convenience. I work together with families to provide in-person speech and voice services within the Oviedo area and teletherapy services throughout Florida. A speech therapist and voice teacher with training from world-class institutions for speech-language pathology and voice pedagogy including the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the University of Miami and The National Center for Voice and Speech, I’m grateful to have worked with top experts in the field. I aspire to bring you the very best skilled services. SERVICES OFFERED SPEECH THERAPY * Is your child showing difficulty expressing him/herself or being understood? Is she not talking yet? Did your child not qualify for services, but you know he is having some difficulty with articulation or language? You’ve come to the right place. I can provide comprehensive speech-language evaluation and treatment. The difference here is that there are no “cut-offs” to qualify in private practice– we can work together to help your child to reach his or her potential starting from any point in development. * I use evidence-based play therapy techniques within a family-directed model and provide parents with functional tools for success within and outside of therapy sessions. * Ask about speech-language sessions on the farm at Cheyne Ranch in Oviedo. Children are invited to play with the bunnies, chicks, and other farm animals as we target communication skills. * Adult swallowing and language services are provided on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire directly for more information. VOICE THERAPY (Pediatric and Adult) * Voice disorders are common among children, with incidence possibly as high as 21% of the pediatric population. But these disorders are often overlooked, and services are not as readily available as other speech-language offerings. Research has shown, however, that childhood voice disorders result in negative attention from peers and adults and limit a child’s participation in activities. I specialize in helping children to find their healthy, happy, unique voices! * When a voice disorder makes it difficult to perform your job or other daily activities, a voice therapist can help you to regain skills and confidence to perform voice related tasks comfortably and confidently. * Singers are at a high risk for voice disorders due to the heavy vocal demands of performers. I specialize in voice therapy for singers and work together with singing teachers, laryngologists, and other voice professionals to help singers get back to performing. * These services can be provided on an in-person or tele-therapy basis with excellent results. My primary approaches include education regarding vocal hygiene, resonant voice therapy and functional integration of techniques into daily activities. PUBLIC SPEAKING * In the age of smartphones, text messaging and 280 character maximums, many people have not had the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills. Yet, almost everyone will have the need to participate in classroom presentations, job interviews, corporate presentations or other public speaking experiences. Let’s work together to cultivate your skills that will help you shine through all phases of life. * These sessions may be completed at a frequency commensurate with the needs of the client. For example, a high-school student may choose to complete 3 sessions prior to a college interview. PROFESSIONAL AND PRE-PROFESSIONAL SINGING LESSONS * As a singer and performer with a doctorate in vocal performance, I’m passionate about helping singers to develop healthy singing patterns for success in ANY genre, be it pop, jazz, classical, etc! Lessons focus on technique and healthy sound production as well as applications to repertoire. Studio lessons are by audition only. SERVICE MODEL You’re busy, you want the best for you and your family, and you may even be a little overwhelmed by the options out there. I’m here to partner with you in the most convenient, efficient and effective way possible, all on a competitive budget. You will be supported between sessions with secure, on-line software for appointment management, progress records, videos of progress from session, direct communication with therapist, and billing/account management. I provide local services in the natural communication setting (usually the home) and provide all materials necessary. If there's anything else you need, just ask. That’s concierge service to simplify your life and support your progress!
Julia Gerhard
Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), DMA, Vocologist


  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Voice Therapy (Pediatric and Adult)
  • Singing Voice Coaching
  • Public Speaking Coaching


  • Play-based therapy
  • Family-centered care
  • Resonant Voice Therapy
  • Functional Skill Integration
  • Mindfulness Based Therapy


“The change is unbelievable. My daughter was unable to put two words together. She now won't stop talking!!! The communication Julia provides is amazing. She is happy to give advice/homework. I can't sing her praises enough and wholeheartedly recommend her.”

Father of a three-year-old girl speech and language client

“When we met Julie, our 3-year-old was nearly nonverbal. When he started speech, he began to improve almost immediately. Within the first year he was able to say wants and needs. Her kind and thoughtful way with our family has changed our lives for the better.”

Mother of a four-year old boy language client
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